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          Products > GC5400 Gas Chromatography
          GC5400 Gas Chromatography
               The intelligent Gas Chromatograph GC-5400 incorporates advanced modern manufacturing technologies with years of experience in research and development. It is manufactured under a quality system conforming to international standards. The multi functional, easy-to-use and remotely controllable gas chromatograph provides superior performance for all applications.

          Technical Specifications
          • Temperature range: 7°C ~ 400°C above room temperature, increment 1°C
          • Temperature control objects: Column compartment, detector, thermal conductivity cell, injector, accessories
          • Temperature ramps: 5-stage
          • Temperature ramp rate: 0.1°C ~ 40°C/min, increment 0. 1°C
          • Constant Temperature Retention time: 0 ~ 655 min, increment 1 min
          • Detector: Hydrogen Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
          • Sensitivity: M ≤ 1 ×10-11 g/s(C16)
          • Best testing results: M ≤ 8 ×10-12 g/s(C16)
          • Noise: ≤5×10-14 A
          • Drift: ≤6×10-13 A/h
          • Linear dynamic range: ≥ 106