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          XRD8000 Mini X-ray Diffractometer
                XRD8000 mini θ-θ Powder X-ray Diffraction Instrument is a multi-function diffractometer with exceptional analysis speed, reliability and reproducibility. The XRD8000 has been uniquely designed for the challenges of modern materials research, where the lifetime of a diffractometer is considerably longer than the horizon of any research project. Components are top of the line and provide for a powerful system which has capability for powders, liquid, thin film, nanomaterials and many other different materials. XRD8000 can be used for many different applications - Academic, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical & Petrochemical, Materials Research, Thin Film Metrology, Nano technology, Food & Cosmetics, Forensics, Mining & Minerals, Metals, Plastics & Polymers, etc...

          • Perfect incorporation of the hardware and software, allowsXRD8000 to perform different types of analysis for researchers from various fields
          • High precision of the diffraction angle measurement allows XRD8000 to obtain the more accurate data
          • Higher stability of the X-ray generator control system provides excellent measurement accuracyFREE
          • Simple and effective design makes XRD8000 convenient for operation and user friendly.
          • General diffraction data processing: automatic peak search, manual peak search, integral intensity, separation of Kα1,α2, background remove, lattice parameter, volumes and atomic position, phase analysis, crystallographic strain, pattern smoothing and magnifying, multiple plot, three-dimensional plot and simulation of XRD pattern et al. FREE
          • 1 Year Limited Warranty
          Technical Specifications
          • Control mode: 1kV/step, 1mA/step controlled by PC
          • Stability: ≤ 0.001%
          • X-ray tube: Cu (2.4KW) Focus dimension: 1x10 mm2 LFF Ceramic or Glass
          • Scan range of θ: -3°-150°
          • Scan mode: θ-θ linkage, 2θ,2θ continuous or step scanning
          • Continuous scanning rate: 0.0012°-70°/min
          • Tube voltage: 40 kV continuously adjustable